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lj_advisory's Journal

LiveJournal Advisory Board
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This is a community for news and communication from the LiveJournal Advisory Board.

The LiveJournal Advisory Board is an international group of informed and trusted leaders from the online community who advise the management and Board of Directors of LiveJournal, Inc. in the operation and development of the LiveJournal platform.

Specifically, the Advisory Board will:

  • Meet and discuss their position(s) on the issue(s) that are important to the community. The board will likely discuss a broad range of topics including freedom of speech, privacy, legality, policy, and security;

  • Provide guidance to LiveJournal, Inc. management and the Board of Directors on new issues and/or controversies as they arise;

  • Speak to and for the users, offering them a voice not only in LiveJournal, Inc., but also with regard to LiveJournal's role in the world;

  • Oversee ongoing charitable work which the LiveJournal, Inc. Board of Directors supports.

This community has been set up for LiveJournal users to find out about the work of the Advisory Board and to comment with feedback or concerns. Here you will find:

  • An abstract of the upcoming agenda for meetings. When appropriate, LiveJournal users will be invited to post comments on specific issues that are up for discussion. The information provided in comments will be gathered and discussed during meetings.

  • A summary of the items and actions resulting from meetings – usually about a month afterwards.

  • Position papers which the Advisory Board publish on an occasional basis (this could include documents which the management not do agree with).

  • Annual "State of LiveJournal" to be published by the Advisory Board after every Advisory Board General Meeting (in-person meeting, held once a year). This will sum up the progress which LiveJournal has made in the past year and highlight challenges for the next 12 months.The annual report will be signed by all Advisory Board members at the conclusion of the meeting.

  • Advisory Board members may use this community to solicit feedback from LiveJournal users on an ad hoc basis, either before meetings or when other opportunities arise, at the Board's discretion.

  • LiveJournal users are invited to post comments which the Advisory Board can see and respond to as they deem appropriate.