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Meeting on 25th April 2008

Meeting on 25th April 2008 (minutes approved June 27, 2008)

Members Attending

danah boyd, Esther Dyson, Brad Fitzpatrick

Management Attending

Andrew Paulson, Matthew Berardo, Jonathan Kim, Sergei Komarov, Edward Shenderovich, , Benjamin Wegg-Prosser


Larry Lessig

1. General introduction
* Background papers to role and remit of the advisory board – Board members to feedback comments

2. Account Structure

o Proposed changes to LiveJournal Account structure discussed. Various options considered – Management to work up more detailed proposals for user consultation
o Board members suggested any new account structure should be developed in tandem with new experimental advertising formats – for example – allow users to select / influence the advertising they see – Management to investigate

3. Technology Outlook
* Discussion took placed on state of LiveJournal technology infrastructure. Management to consider comments and update users on technology issues when appropriate
* New co-location facility for LiveJournal discussed.
4. Policy review
* Non-photographic images of minors – revise policy to one which focuses on legality, emphasize extent to which material is screened (friends only / flagging etc) - Management to revise and release
* Pro-ana – revise policy to one where support is being actively given and promoted; Management to revise and release
* Convene a working party to develop LJ’s thought leadership position on this issue – Board members to develop in conjunction with Management

5. User elections
* Existing members agreed to release statements endorsing election process – Board members to return comments.

6. Next meeting
* June conference call – Management to agree date

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