March 9th, 2009


Upcoming meeting on March 10, 2009

There's an Advisory Board meeting on March 10 and we'd love to hear your thoughts about the agenda items listed below. We want to share your views and opinions with the Board so they can get a better picture of the issues that are important to you. Please comment on any of the agenda topics that are of interest to you and we'll present them at the meeting.

  • LJ 10th Anniversary
    We have a lot of plans to mark the tenth anniversary of LiveJournal. We'll be asking the Board what they think about our plans and what role they want to play in the celebrations. You've probably already seen lj_turns10, our special birthday community. We'll use that as a springboard for a discussion with the Board about such questions as: How can we most effectively represent the global nature of LJ in our celebrations? What's the best way to reflect LJ's pioneering role in the social media boom? What areas of LJ should we be sure to highlight during the celebrations? Please comment on these questions and any other birthday-related questions you might have.

  • New Paid and Premium Services
    The expansion and enhancement of premium features are a big priority for LJ in 2009. We'll be asking the Advisory Board for their views on the new services we're working on, and we want your views to be represented, too. What kind of premium features are you most interested in? Should we do more with v-gifts? Who should we partner with to best add value to the site and boost the number of Paid Accounts? What's the best way for LJ to merchandise its own goods across the globe? What other kind of features should we offer? Let us know what you think.